We are a Software-as-a-Service company aiming to revolutionize the way people work through Expert Automation & AI. Our innovative platform combines great usability with the power of artificial intelligence and enables users to build and deliver automation software without writing a single line of code. This helps employees in law, legal, compliance and other knowledge-intense departments to make their daily business significantly more efficient and transparent as it is today.

Our team consists of highly experienced and well-known personalities. We strive for a company culture that puts people first and helps everyone to become better every day. An open, trustful and welcoming team atmosphere makes sure everyone can bring in their talents. And regular 1on1s and retrospectives help us to improve continuously on a personal as well as on a team level.

We are based in Berlin and Frankfurt and will expand globally within the next few months. Our team culture also fits perfectly for people who love to work remote or like focused homeoffice days.


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