Technology and new business models change and reshape the legal industry - but also offer tremendous opportunities. In order to not only react to, but proactively embrace the new challenges and benefit from the digital transformation inside and outside the legal business, we have introduced BRYTER Academy.

It provides a structured educational program and is designed to assist professionals in, amongst others, law firms, legal, compliance & regulatory departments, accounting firms and auditors in the following areas of competence:


Our syllabus covers all relevant topics to ensure and enable a successful digital transformation.

The workshops and seminars are modularized. This gives every customer the possibility to pick & choose and customize the workshops in terms of content and quantity to their specific needs. The different modules may be combined in various ways. Upon request, the workshops can be held on-premise.

Learn from the people that work in the field of digital transformation, automation and AI day in and day out. We know what is hype or what really works: A team of hand-selected and experienced BRYTER experts will accompany you through each workshop.

We will introduce you to the core principles, functions and requirements of both rule-based and statistical applications and explain. You will learn how legal thinking is different and how is sets different requirements for technologies.

Both our theoretical Introductions and our hands-on workshops give concise, useful and applicable insights into the growing field of artificial intelligence and automation.