BRYTER is a no-code building platform to automate expert knowledge.

Building intelligent systems used to be hard. Our intuitive AI-toolbox enables all professionals to build, manage and sell interactive applications.

AI-Toolbox for expert automation.

A no-code, AI-powered SaaS building platform to turn expert knowledge, processes & workflows into interactive, scalable modules. BRYTER is cloud-based, intuitive and easy to learn. As simple and lean as possible, yet powerful and sophisticated for professional expert use.

The core technology is battle-tested and mature. The frontend and self-service functionalities are brand-new.
Accelerate and scale

BRYTER offers clear, measurable, win-win value.

BRYTER allows to turn expert knowledge and workflows into digital apps without hazzle.

This allows to digitize processes and to save time, nerves and money. State-of-the-art reports and business analytics (BI) provide full transparency, visibility, accountability and reduce risks.

In addition, BRYTER allows to generate additional revenue streams by selling and distributing the apps built on the BRYTER Platform.

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